Friday, December 13, 2013

Rambling is what Talis does, and she does it whole lots! Pre-2014!

Am all excited. Got invited by good buddies to get really badly drunk, sing Karaoke songs like ain't no tomorrow coming, eat yummy stuff and topple over some hours later on a Couch. Sounds like a really good plan to me XD. I kind of needed plans, and slowly but surely stuff starts to get easier.
Somehow I sense that 2014 might become a wonderful year. I worked so hard these last months, and didn't really took care of myself through it. Not even a bit, but I'm going to try and fix it all, step by step. And I truly can't wait to be in Japan again, to meet with a good friend there and have a beer over delicious food, and to just get lost in Tokyo and surrounding. Soaking up the good stuff like a sponge.
Mostly for one-two hours on weekdays I'm still having fun in Neverwinter, then I get exhausted from work and sneak to bed with a book, which also was a great idea, cause it gets me to a better sleeping schedule than being on SL and oh I missed to read longer than those twenty minutes on the bus or during that half hour on lunch breaks. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a pretty (hot) dress, all the Christmas presents for Family and friends, and will finally get to empty my cave (not my Office, my actual mini-cave with stuff no one needs anymore, especially not me xD).
Talking about SL, just found this Picture and as I am not using my tower anymore, I was happy to have found it nevertheless and wanted to upload it, as I still do think that this is one of the prettiest selfies I've ever taken of my Avatar, and it so underlines everything and all I feel or felt at that time. It's ridiculously perfect. At least for me.
Anyways, for you out there, I hope this year had been fabulous and easy, and that the next year will be just as fabulous and easy to you. There'll always be bad news that might topple you over (i like the word topple as of late), or days that strain the shit out of you, no kidding. But seriously, life's not all about work, it does good to take a step back and look around, see who's there, or what's there. 
I do believe that no story should ever be better than the story of  your life on its own. Though there might be no happy ending, but it's always true that one needs to fend for oneself and strive for those small, good moments, cause those are what make simple things as facing a new day, just that little bit easier.
So that'll be my wish for those reading: Assemble a lot of happy moments, big or small ones, in 2014. Capture them, let those warm you up and don't waste too much time online. It is wasting time, I've done it way too much for a certain reason that I do think I have overcome finally (we'll see in 2014 hurrhurr) 
Socializing in Real life has always been fun, and I can't believe that I hid away so long over being hurt. It seems like the feeling of being hurt, is an arch enemy but that's no good, I should be stronger than that by now. After all, I'm a fabulous, hard working, smartass woman. I know what's out there, and it might not always be cherries and rainbows but I do think, as flawed as I am, that I too deserve a little something. Such as, perhaps, someday putting the past aside and to perhaps, someday, fall in love again. I'd like that to become true in the next year, I haven't lost my spark just yet. It just needs to be dusted off, and a bit of trust. I'll try that thing again. Last time I did it, went horribly wrong and it took me five years to get over it. This time, perhaps, I'm better braced.
Geh, I rambled on and on again, but sometimes, and that too is a purpose of a blog, writing it all out just makes it that little bit easier to stick to the plan. Or to realize what it is what you want, or feel. It is good, to feel. There are times when there is no feeling at all, and that's bad. It's been that rough of a year, 2013. Certainly one I hope to forget about quickly. Can't wait for the new year to start, although it's a ridiculous concept but, a big part of me believes, insists and aims for 2014 just becoming so awesome that it'll totally make up for the madness which had been 2013. It needs to, and I'll do it so. With all I've got, if not now, then never, that's how it is. So all the best for you guys, and I'm out of here til 2014 :-).

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Chinese food... evil. No kidding. Again, here I thought around 7pm "Wait...did you had breakfast? Nope. Did you had Lunch? Nope...Let's go to the Chinese Restaurant yay!" which I did.

As usual, that mean, mean menu card spoke of yummy fried things, dumplings and the likes. Now I am full...of regrets.

Every fucking time I tell myself "Don't go there...the food is evil. You'll regret it." and everytime my brain goes "Naah, come on, you had no nothing today, the fuck can go wrong, go, eat, it's yummy and you want it!" Yeah.


I'll be on the Couch hugging myself for the next two hours or so.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Taking a break

So I'll be playing Neverwinter and Elder Scrolls Online if I have the time, cause it's fun.

Last night, for the first time in a good while, I literally laughed my ass off cause my Rogue got flung up to the ceiling while casting and got stuck on a wooden pole, couldn't free herself ,and the laughing crowd of the Team below suggested suicide as a last way out, which I dramatically performed, Samurai style. T'was a good blast, with lots of good quotes cracking me up through it all, guess none will ever forget that Den *chrchr*.

Will also have to prepare the big moving in january/february, visit Japan for the second time in March-April, and add some real life to it all. Finally moving to a place with a bit of a nightlife hopefully so I can go out and be with real life people.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Defeating a Troll (no...actually a Troll)!

Harrowdale had a really splendid diced Event taking place tonight.
After a week of suspense and guessing over piles of bones, a raging troll approached the Woods (NPCed by one amazing OST - Dice and Posting Order by Acilius - smooth!).
Awesome Organisation done by all those working on this one, we had a blast, and this kind of Quality RP is what keeps one coming back. Harrowdale has lately found a constant number of excellent Players, increased its traffic and became a melting pot for both hilariously creative evil chars, good chars and I don't give a fuck chars. Forgotten Realm RP at its finest. Do ensure to wiggle in, you know you wanna! (and look at how stylish we all are *dies*).

Mari's leg, Tamori, Zachia, Talis - getting reddy

Mari winced when she saw the trolls lumbering form approaching the bridge, would it even hold?! "Go, Bear!" She yelled

"I will throweth this rock unto thee, and by the powers bestowed upon me by the one true god, you will perish! Prepare yourself, servant of chaos, for you shall be stricken with the rock... of... ETERNAL DESPAIR AND SUFFERING!"

 The Hermit has just enough time to see the axe coming to shout out a word of command. As the elvish flows off his tongue, the glittering powder he'd thrown upon himself just prior glows and almost seems to fade into his Skin.


NPC OST: Such fiesty snacks they all are!

[16:14] Combat Trackerer/GM Acilius: Amarachus misses, embarrassing himself

Mari - before almost dying >_>

A whole gang behind the Troll.

[16:21] Combat Trackerer: Talismere lands a heavy blow, -10. Troll at 1. Weakest char in town - saves the day.


Trollolol has big Wood.

Yet, as he watched the beast rip the lamp post from the earth, his eyes went wide. (Tamori)

 Sask'iah Rhaevaern thankfully had kept a sizable distance, close enough to get shots in and thankfully far enough to not be struck by the post that was being swung.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Not the best idea it was ~ ~

Two more scars added to the Talis-face. Wasn't all that smart to tell a Tiefling that "The Kitty needs to leave". Tieflings have mean claws, just saying. Got scratched up good, and (Kind of unfortunately, as I brought up the fight) broke a rib to the Tiefling x/ upon which she fled in a mass of shadows. RP is generally fun, although the sim still could need a bit of traffic, it's great to have those small but high quality RP Scenes where everything and all can happen. At this point, with my truly grumpy and foul mouthed char, it is a ridiculous amount of wonders that she's still alive *laughs*

Friday, October 18, 2013

Feeling cold? Get a cloak!

So Mari decided to let it rain in Harrowdale. Which is all fantastic (I stepped out of town to not get wet, you know, because of the hair and stuff xD), but I was looking forever to find a good cloak. This one rocks. Damien Fate (SLURL) really did a great Job with the texturing, and it fits all perfectly. Just the right amount of "movement" in it, too.
DE Designs - Trisha - Collar - Antique
FATEplay Cloak - Kollo - Volcano (F)
[The Forge] Boadicea's Belt
.:Gspot:. Azurias Armor deep bronze
[The beautiful Plastik] - Faerah Raz [J] Brown Leather
DE Designs - Rune - Natural Leathers - Old Leather
Ascension tattoo (Redux) (super old)
**Dirty Princess** Hunted Snow White Princess Boots (you can't see them, but they're soft, beige leather) - Marketplace
On a Lark Dory Corset & Strap ~ Harvest
.:GSpot:. La Rie cuff ears - Common light wood
Celestial Compass Pendant W/Astral Pendant (Marketplace)
ED - Merciless Gloves (Woodland) (Marketplace)
Glam Affair - Cleo - Add Lashes 02
Plaited headband *Rhona
::Exile: Sober: Wedge
[ iren ] Blush_darktan
-=Alexa brows=
IKON eternal eyes - Cornflower (M)
Liquence Hairbase 

I'm too picky to find a suitable, small blade to add to it, might follow later upon which I'll switch the picture. I did not linked every item cause most of them are names you know.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lurking in the Woods

Just a random snapshot. Otufit's a mix-mash of old-new, not really worth listing ;-).
I found this randomly on the internets and found it perfect to insert here, as well.
"Choose your friends because you feel most like yourself around them, because the jokes are easy and you feel like you’re in your best outfit when you’re with them, even though you’re just in a T-shirt. Never love someone whom you think you need to mend – or who makes you feel like you should be mended. There are boys out there who look for shining girls; they will stand next to you and say quiet things in your ear that only you can hear and that will slowly drain the joy out of your heart. The books about vampires are true, baby. Drive a stake through their hearts and run away."
Mata ne :-)

Monday, October 07, 2013

Saga from LAQ Essential

Awesomecake Mohini pointed me to the Saga Skin from LAQ, after I moped over Glam Affair's smudgy eyeshadow, which was a bit too glam (lol) urous for this sim's character. I quite like it, though I actually I shouted "WTF!" at the price.
Proud 1990L, and no appliers for slink included. As I haven't found any other Skin in meantime which could/would work, I squinted my eyes shut in an absolute "grrr" mode and bought it. Admittingly, the Details on this one is awesome. I love the lips, the nose, the eyes, it's nude and perfect. BUT SO EXPENSIVE! HOLY SHIT. And the cleavage looks squishy, but that might be my fault at not being good with boobs on shapes. Hurr hurr.
I just threw a simple Outfit together, as my char got a tooth plucked from a Drow that totally enjoyed doing that. It was a bloody, barfing, shuddering Scene and I adored every second of it.
So although she looks fine on the pic, imagine her with that wisdom-tooth-extracted face. Swollen Cheek, blood dripping from her lips, and miserable. Yup. Over and Outs :D

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Short hair found...finally.

Ok, I admit, I was looking for quite literally 2 hours until I found a hair which comes close to what I had in mind. How though can it be so difficult to find a nice, tomboy shortcut in mesh & good quality? Or did I just had Tomatoes on my eyes while porting from shop to shop, wish I had a larger choice with a really short, ears revealing haircut :-)
Found this one at Exile and it is going to work out fine for Harrowdale. Been browsing Skins too, but as I thought, once I like a specific Skin-store, it gets tricky to find something equal or better, elsewhere. Though I admit, the eyebrows are from the =Alexa= Skin (can be found at the we love RP Event during October).
Last and least for today, ze picture. And if you happen to come across anything similar, that kind of short hair, by any means leave a comment or IM me ^_^ I'll reward you with smoochies. Promised.

Forgotten Realms - A new Chapter in Harrowdale

So the spectacular and very talented Mari created (it was a real surprise tho, I've not seen it coming at all!) a Forgotten Realm sim, with an interesting Setting (2 months after the Spellplague), and with its melting pot of humans and creatures joining in Harrowdale, a clearly poverty ridden small village, where it's more likely to get your throat cut for the broken Piece of a Trade bar with Baldur's Gate Mint sigil for example, or if you happen to have copper on you, good luck with keeping it!
Houses are for free! Isn't that awesome! Small house for 1 Person, slightly larger House for 2 persons, and a few bigger ones for Groups, all with their number of prims that you can use to decorate them (with the mesh furnitures around, you can make it cozy with Little prims as well, the notecard carries the info of how much prims you can use for which house).
I kept my char low Profile again, a half-assed, not too well trained former Swordmage who is merely "so-so" with the blades, and has not a snot of Magic left in her bones. Though she never had been really gifted with it even before the Spellplague. Aloof, lazy, stubborn. It'll surely be a fun role to Play.
Definitely worth checking it out, no app required if you're not a special snowflake, just put your stats, skills and alignment in your Profile and you're good to go (and join the Group of course xD).
As you can see, this Outfit consists mostly of the "The Muses" Penghel Armor in Brown, adding the Gatcha items - Viking bracers from The Forge, Belt from The Forge, Necklace from The Forge and the Ear pieces from GSpot. She wields a dagger on her leg which she mostly uses to not use it.
I won't add Pictures of the Details of Harrowdale in, hoping that you've gotten curious enough to check it out for yourself! So visit and enjoy!
See you around ~ and thanks to the new Followers/Readers of the blog! Happy to have you here! :D

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Galore

I just love how the *OAL* Corset matches to the amazing BP Crow Gown. The Gown's Details are sweet, one can easily mix-match it with all sorts of corsets, cloaks and shoulder pieces! The fit is so well done, too!
As I said in an earlier post, The Library made stunning gowns, especially the "Seven Sins" are worth trying out, the Sloth is so well done with it's hip attachment!
All in all, the creatures did not fail to surprise, though I wish I had found more stuff for the shoulders, which isn't necessarily too armor(ish) but...this will do greatly.

Eventually I'll be able to take the time to make better snapshots, it's really tricky with a Laptop and no Mouse, no kidding :-/. But after all that Shopping and crashing, I think I'm going to snatch up a hug somewhere *g*.

Eyes: Ikon Horizon Eyes v2 - Deep Aruba
On ze back: [The Forge] Aura Staff Rare (black/blue)
Forehead: [The Forge] Boadicea's Headpiece Rare
Ring: [tea.s] Celestial Ring - Nebula
Gown: BP Crown Gown - Water
Lower arms: [The Forge] Viking Bracer (wood)
Corset: *OAL* Harvest Corset Brown
Hair: Magika - Reflect
Good ol Necklace: *VioMagic* Seabreeze Outfit Necklace
The usual upper arm's: [The Forge] Boadicea's Bracelets, Gold

Monday, September 30, 2013

Love this mask/facedress!

This time, I'm actually quite happy with the outcome. I wanted something in a nice, dark brown tone as we're approaching Autumn, and this is what my inventory held, the only new-new Item being the new Magika hair ^_^
Hands: Melitta Bracelet L & R (from Luas)
Head: Magika - Reflect (Magika)
Cloak: the muses - Starfall - Cloak - Dust (the muses)
Skirt: :[P]: Faerah Skirt XXS Brown Leather [Plastik]
Eyes: Ikon Eternal Eyes - Cornflower (Ikon)
Belt: .:GSpot:. Serenity Belt Red (.:GSpot)
Face: .:GSpot:. Serenity mask Red
Top: .:GSpot:. Serenity Jacket Body Red
Skin: al vulo - Berry - Natural brown brow nugat (al vulo)
Necklace: VioMagic - Seabreeze Outfit Necklace (VioMagic)
Hairbase: Liquence - Hairbase#2 Tintable (Liquence)
Eyeliner: [LS] Black Eyeliner & Corvus: Under Eyeliner ([LS] & Corvus)
Nose: Glam Affair - Cleo - Nose C (Glam Affair)
Tattoo: Nathair Tattoo in Teal (Nathair)
Earrings: Ilithya Earring L & R
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Gesture (Slink)
Bracelets upper arm: The Forge of course

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Library - Asia Crimson

As I have issues with uploading Pictures currently, I shall revert to this in meantime, without cropping etc!

But about the Dress, I was browsing Marketplace and did remember The Library (buy here - Marketplace link), mostly cause I adored the Circe Outfit Augurer made. And this one is fab as well, nicely fitted (though I need to adjust my boobs for not having the Alpha slit shine through the cleavage, but that's no biggie!), and the Details of the textures are stunning. I am a sucker for Crimson/Gold Outfits and very happy with this one.

I did hear that she is going to be present at the Fantasy Gacha Event, so make sure to check it out, the Dresses do look stunning on the Pictures already!

Have a nice Sunday!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Teal colors ~


No idea why they look so odd x/ wish I had the Magic tricks to keep the Pictures being clean...alas.
After a lot of digging around in my Inventory, I found a Dress that I have not worn before. It seems to happen sometimes, that I buy gowns but never wear them, but this one I actually like a lot. Another Outfit I have not worn (probably because at the time it had been new, everyone was wearing it) had a lot of accessories in the package, so I went and added a bit of it here and there.
The rest of the early morning where I was struggling to wake up, was spent with looking for a new Skin. I went to Essence, to try out Cho amongst others, but for some reason I was not happy with the outcome. Eyebrows are my big pet peeve, and most Skins (Glam Affairs amongst others as well) make huge, big, dark Brown brows in a high bow. Tried for hours to somehow downsize them with other brows I had such luck. Which means I'll probably stick around with this Al Vulo Skin a while longer (love it, though usually I use other lip make-ups). 
Face: freckles extreme darker - DeeTaleZ Skin Brilliance Skin AddOns
Brows: Glam Affair - Lilith Eyebrows Shape 04
Eyelashes: Al vulo - Mesh Lashes
Eyeliner: [LS] Black Eyeliner (Marketplace)
Eyeliner 2: Corvus - Under Eyeliner
Eyes: Ikon Eternal Eyes - Royal (M)
Hairbase: Liquence - Hairbase #2 Tintable
Hair: Liquence F4 in Dark Browns (my fav atm)
Ears: Ilithya Earrings L & R (accessories in the Ilithya Gown)
Tattoo lower arms: Nathair Tattoo (snake, mostly hidden by bracelet, tintable)
Shawl: +Lika Ruby+ Shawl A (blue) 01 gold
Dress: lassitude & ennui Patience dress - Teal
Belt: Ilithya Belt (in the Ilithya Dress package)
Necklace: Ilithya Collar (same)
Skin: Al vulo - Berry natural brown brow nugat (Dressing Fusion skin)
Bracelets: The Forge Boadicea's Bracelets (Upper arms, lower arms)
Hands: LaGyo Siroune ring Gold (Dressing Fusion - New!)
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands Elegant1
Headpiece on first pic: Roman Vestal Circlet (Trident) on the second pic

I know I am being repetitive with the Lika Shawl, but I just simply adore it XD. If I can somehow implement it in any Outfit, it makes me a very happy chick.

Monday, September 16, 2013

~Blue day~

The only two/three things I've not worn in other Outfits described in older Posts are:

Gown: Shey - Kattya Plunger Dress
Skirt/belt: Soedara - Nubian Divinity Silk (as a makeshift belt)
The hidden Hands are Slink's Gesture, I like those best so far.

The necklace is from Soedara as well, I described it in one of the Crownland Posts, yet I love how the blue matches the blue of the eyes, as well as the Lika Shawl. Totally adore that option to change the colors of the gems, too.
Shey's Plunger Dress is one I most surely wore a whole lot during the Dorne days. You can mix-match with it really good, even more so since it comes with a hud, allowing you to chose from 8 more Colors!
I admit, I'm not always going to jump at the new stuff out there, cause there's a whole bunch of great Bloggers already doing it (with much better Pictures too! XD). It's just fun to brush old clothes up with new accessories as well, perhaps that'll be my niche, for a while.
Other sidenote: I cleared almost my whole friendlist on Talismere, after almost 5 years of SL I thought it was time to do some major spring cleaning. Also, I'm generally too hyper after work, or too tired and easily to get grumpy, it'll do me some good to just wind down on my own a bit again. Real Life wasn't much of a help the last months either. But drop me an IM if you really want to stick around, tho be ever warned. I'm a handful x9.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Latest New Ventura Mix-Mash outfit

I played around a bit, the Seasons' got me a new skin, and a few clothes (but I wasn't happy with the mix-mash outcome on those, perhaps a project for later :D)

Eyeliner: Corvus: Under Eyeliner
Ankles: Soedara - Gadis Anklet L
Shoes: Maitreya Gold * YaXkin Champagne
Top: B by H - London Top Soft Pink
Skirt: [ SAKIDE ] Lea Outfit Skirt Black & White
Arms: pearls bracelet L & leather lace pearls bracelet R
Necklace: Three Crow's Feathers Necklace
Hands: MG Rings - Atlantis Moon Large Gold
Head: *YS & YS* Brown Hairbase
Lips: Al vulo! - natural teeth lip Berry Nugat
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes - Azure
Hair: Truth Hair Elisha - Light browns05Fade
Skin: al vulo - Berry - natural brown brow cleavage nugat
Pose: Model Poses - Martina 6

I'm usually no fan ofal vulo, but I love this skin. Were it not for the slight shadow near the nose (which disappears when I'm not too lazy to put on a good windlight xD) it would be perfect. I don't quite like the cleavage, but I'll just wear stuff where it will not be seen...but all in all, very nicely done. The lips look natural for once, which I really like.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Upper Town

I know, I know...lots of jewels. If I had found some knee-cap bracelets, I would have worn them too. Those Legs are too naked >_<

Some of the items can be bought in the Dressing Room Fusion, mainly the scarf necklace and the skirt. I bought a whole lot more, but after trying around, I thought this one was "semi-ok" to post. Getting there, getting there, it's after all much easier to pimp up a medieval chick than one to play in 2013.

The ring looks a bit out of place with the hand raised, but it looks great when the arms are low, in contrast with the skirt color. Just not too sure about the belt, dark leather would have worked better *rubs head*.

You can find me as RobinLovelorn in World, in case yo... ^_^.

Belt: [The Forge] Boadicea's Belt, Gold/Black
Hair: Alice Hair [LeLutka] Bournville
Hairbase: .Liquence. Hairbase/Tintable
Top: Maitreya Dakota Top * Bole Brushed - Chiffon S
Feet: Maitreya August Ankle Boots *Dark Grey/Red sole
Necklace: [ glow ] studio - Scarf Styled Necklace (Cream)
Skirt: Baiastice Ivanna mini skirt tobacco
Skin: Glam Affair - Lilith - India - Clean D
Bracelets: Fina Jewellery London: pearls bracelet & leather lace pearls bracelet
Eyes: Ikon Sunrise Eyes - Pale Arabian Blue
Nose: ~Soedara~ Cihuapilli Nose Piercing Gold
Rings: MG - Rings - Atlantis Moon - Large Gold

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Busy days, lazy evenings

Just got home from work, new workplace, lots of running around, lots of getting lost and the usual trainings for programs and whatelsenot. Super tired, super lazy. Still, I would have never found out that my shoes from Yasum had a cigarette attached to them. I only have the outfit for months...O_o

[LeLutka] Hairbase Pitch
[Hush] Juliette - Natural - Vanilla
[VG] Beater Tanktop in Pearl
Truth Hair Elisha Black & White
Yasum Drop Down worn with Boots & Top
Ikon Eternal Eyes - Leather

Just taking the chill-pill, it looks comfortable, and it might work in some urban sims still, of course you can mix-match with other tops, sleeveless'es and braclets, and of course a different skin. I just glanced at the mirror and took note that I am just as pale, so it fitted the mood :-).

Anyhow, looking forward to the We ♥ RP releases, though I doubt I shall shop a lot cause...lacking a good RP sim to play in. And trust. Lacking lots of that one. *le sigh*.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Crownlands shutting down.

Major disappointment. No idea what was going on, don't even want to know. Huge amounts of Lindens spent for stuff I can not use anymore, awesome. 

Well, that's it for RP sims for me, two major disappointments in 5 years of SL, plenty enough to take a long, long break and focus on other things. 

I shall still update on outfits, just cause it is fun I guess.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Lika Shawl

As much as I adore Mesh gowns, to wear them alone can quickly make the outfit seem plain. So there's a great need for accessories of all kind, to brush up. As much as I love jewels, they do not always "do the trick". 

So I was more than happy to find the +Lika Ruby+shawl-A(red)01 Gold on the Marketplace, which comes in three different variations, and which can be mix matched for example with the well known and adored.:SF:. Alysaara" Corset Dress - Silver Gown. 

I used to wear it with the Hera Tunic from Caverna Obscura, but truly, this shawl works with almost every dress in my inventory! Surely it will be an eye catcher with your dresses. 

Although I wear the Magika/Habit hair in this pic, I recommand tied up hair, or a bun, so that the shawl's mesh does not touch the hair (which can at times look odd...but then again *shrugs* :D)

Add the usual bracelets, necklaces, perhaps a belt in either gold or in a color similar to the shawl, and you're good to go. 


OH! Last but not least. I promised some RP bits right? Right. 

Ever dared to say the F word to a King? *coughs* Kudos to Mors for /almost/ getting us all killed. All in all we're getting great RP, with twists and surprises at each corner, as nothing is moderated nor powergamed. Yesterday we had a good filled sim with stories waiting at every corner :-) Check out Crownlands it might just become the most epic story ever...*dabs forehead and eats another hot pepper*

You can find the RP story as well as an amount of informations regarding the sim and open roles, here

Stag versus Sun - A clash of wills

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fancy up for that King's Court

MG - Rings - Atlantis Moon - Large Gold
:V.e. Enveloped Dress XS Blush
~Soedara~ Gold Earendil Necklace Lights 1
Glam Affair - Cleavage India

The rest are all the same accessories than in my previous post. I still need to shop so much for this character, as I do not play my main (I wish I had joined with Talismere instead gah!).

Kudos to Dorji ♥ for pointing me to the dress and necklace (I've seen the dress before but went "Eh.." on it, don't know why, it looks fabulous x_x).

Now let's see if the dress will impress...*shimmies upstairs*

Friday, August 30, 2013

What is Rasha wearing today oO

.:SF:. Josephine Dress Bronzed
{KD} Faux Elf Ear - Bronze
~Soedara~ Gadis Slave bracelets
~Soedara~ Gadis Bracelet
.:GSpot:. A Sirens Call shoulder Gold
. Liquence . Hairbase#2 Tintable
. Liquence . F4 in Dark Browns
Dalila Necklace Bronze
~Soedara~ Gadis Upperarm Bracelets
~Soedara~ Gadis Circlet
Glam Affair Lilith India Clean D
Hush - Lashes - Tease
Ikon Eternal Eyes - Leather

I especially like the mix of bronze, gold and brown tones. Rasha prefers to wear earth colors, from brown/bronze to Gold/deep red and lots of jewels. Someday, I am quite sure of it, she'll be robbed like no kidding >_<.

As most items can be found on the Marketplace, I will not link them (too lazy!).


A new chapter, a new adventure. The Crownlands opened its doors, and so far the Roleplay is of exquisit quality in a tension filled King's Landing. Below a few pictures to a spectacular build.

Rasha Martell 

The Dornish's home (with the great possibility of privacy in the house!)

The Harbor & the Kraken's ship

Inn and Stables

Jousting Ground and a small view on the spectacular Lannister manse

Highgarden and other Houses, and a bit of the Sept

The Brothel and its lovely keeper
Castles everywhere!
 The lore

It is the year 335 AL. A second, longer winter, which engulfed Westeros for 35 years, is finally over. During this time, darkness not only came from the long nights and cold brief days that certainly affected the sanity of the Westerosi, but from the bloodbath every region experienced in what was called the “Obscure period”. 

It all started with a weak, unwise and politically unable King Jon II Arryn who soon became the perfect excuse for all great houses to plan to overthrow him. The lords paramount fought each other in a long, painful and confusing massive war which brought a most unfortunate outcome: their armies greatly diminished, few living family members and the eventual retreat to their seats. Turmoil and instability reigned for decades, bringing to every living person a great apocalyptic feeling, which was impossible to ignore. The end seemed eminent as greed, pride and reckless ambition took over every lord. Only chaos had managed to effectively rule.

It was during this “Obscure Period” when the North declared its independence once again, the leaders of Stark and Bolton allied for a change, fighting any possible enemy that dared challenge their newly re-born kingdom. 

When the Prince of Dorne and the Lord Reaper of Pyke led their men to King’s Landing to assassinate King Jon, the first failing and the second succeeding, yet not able to take the throne after the killing. They had found a triumvirate integrated by men of Targaryen, Lannister and Baratheon who forced them to leave the city as they designed a better plan for the realm. After weeks of deliberation and negotiations, the Lord of Storm’s End, Edgar Baratheon, emerged the ruler, while Lord Lannister was appointed Hand of the King and Lord Targaryen given Dragonstone back and named Lord Justiciar. Together, while not overly powerful, they had more men than the sum of armies of all the other houses. It was though a matter of time for the other regions to regain military force.

House Tyrell, who had allied to House Arryn, had of course a bitter taste in their mouths as they fought hard to keep the status quo and support Jon II Arryn on his more than mediocre reign. 

Now, Edgar Baratheon, King of the Andals and the First men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm readies to govern, counting with small armies, starvation in several regions and former enemies who might not be willing to cooperate with the new order of things. He has sent message to every lord, summoning him to The Crownlands, in order to rebuild the realm and form his new small council. 

The best of it all though is the Administration. Laid back and seasoned Roleplayers, allowing us to build great atmospheric Roleplay in a truly gorgeous sim. 

If interested, feel free to take a look at Crownlands Forum :-). The community is ever growing, we have a fun OOC section with Gifs and fun, plenty of informations about the lore and Westeros as a whole, and a lot of nice folks who will just sit down and help you through the app if need be. 

I emptied the blog, as I will gradually turn this one in a roleplay-fashion blog with the usual updates on interesting sims, fun Roleplay logs or just picking up on topics as we go :-)

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