Saturday, October 05, 2013

Forgotten Realms - A new Chapter in Harrowdale

So the spectacular and very talented Mari created (it was a real surprise tho, I've not seen it coming at all!) a Forgotten Realm sim, with an interesting Setting (2 months after the Spellplague), and with its melting pot of humans and creatures joining in Harrowdale, a clearly poverty ridden small village, where it's more likely to get your throat cut for the broken Piece of a Trade bar with Baldur's Gate Mint sigil for example, or if you happen to have copper on you, good luck with keeping it!
Houses are for free! Isn't that awesome! Small house for 1 Person, slightly larger House for 2 persons, and a few bigger ones for Groups, all with their number of prims that you can use to decorate them (with the mesh furnitures around, you can make it cozy with Little prims as well, the notecard carries the info of how much prims you can use for which house).
I kept my char low Profile again, a half-assed, not too well trained former Swordmage who is merely "so-so" with the blades, and has not a snot of Magic left in her bones. Though she never had been really gifted with it even before the Spellplague. Aloof, lazy, stubborn. It'll surely be a fun role to Play.
Definitely worth checking it out, no app required if you're not a special snowflake, just put your stats, skills and alignment in your Profile and you're good to go (and join the Group of course xD).
As you can see, this Outfit consists mostly of the "The Muses" Penghel Armor in Brown, adding the Gatcha items - Viking bracers from The Forge, Belt from The Forge, Necklace from The Forge and the Ear pieces from GSpot. She wields a dagger on her leg which she mostly uses to not use it.
I won't add Pictures of the Details of Harrowdale in, hoping that you've gotten curious enough to check it out for yourself! So visit and enjoy!
See you around ~ and thanks to the new Followers/Readers of the blog! Happy to have you here! :D

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