Saturday, October 05, 2013

Short hair found...finally.

Ok, I admit, I was looking for quite literally 2 hours until I found a hair which comes close to what I had in mind. How though can it be so difficult to find a nice, tomboy shortcut in mesh & good quality? Or did I just had Tomatoes on my eyes while porting from shop to shop, wish I had a larger choice with a really short, ears revealing haircut :-)
Found this one at Exile and it is going to work out fine for Harrowdale. Been browsing Skins too, but as I thought, once I like a specific Skin-store, it gets tricky to find something equal or better, elsewhere. Though I admit, the eyebrows are from the =Alexa= Skin (can be found at the we love RP Event during October).
Last and least for today, ze picture. And if you happen to come across anything similar, that kind of short hair, by any means leave a comment or IM me ^_^ I'll reward you with smoochies. Promised.

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