Monday, September 30, 2013

Love this mask/facedress!

This time, I'm actually quite happy with the outcome. I wanted something in a nice, dark brown tone as we're approaching Autumn, and this is what my inventory held, the only new-new Item being the new Magika hair ^_^
Hands: Melitta Bracelet L & R (from Luas)
Head: Magika - Reflect (Magika)
Cloak: the muses - Starfall - Cloak - Dust (the muses)
Skirt: :[P]: Faerah Skirt XXS Brown Leather [Plastik]
Eyes: Ikon Eternal Eyes - Cornflower (Ikon)
Belt: .:GSpot:. Serenity Belt Red (.:GSpot)
Face: .:GSpot:. Serenity mask Red
Top: .:GSpot:. Serenity Jacket Body Red
Skin: al vulo - Berry - Natural brown brow nugat (al vulo)
Necklace: VioMagic - Seabreeze Outfit Necklace (VioMagic)
Hairbase: Liquence - Hairbase#2 Tintable (Liquence)
Eyeliner: [LS] Black Eyeliner & Corvus: Under Eyeliner ([LS] & Corvus)
Nose: Glam Affair - Cleo - Nose C (Glam Affair)
Tattoo: Nathair Tattoo in Teal (Nathair)
Earrings: Ilithya Earring L & R
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Gesture (Slink)
Bracelets upper arm: The Forge of course

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Library - Asia Crimson

As I have issues with uploading Pictures currently, I shall revert to this in meantime, without cropping etc!

But about the Dress, I was browsing Marketplace and did remember The Library (buy here - Marketplace link), mostly cause I adored the Circe Outfit Augurer made. And this one is fab as well, nicely fitted (though I need to adjust my boobs for not having the Alpha slit shine through the cleavage, but that's no biggie!), and the Details of the textures are stunning. I am a sucker for Crimson/Gold Outfits and very happy with this one.

I did hear that she is going to be present at the Fantasy Gacha Event, so make sure to check it out, the Dresses do look stunning on the Pictures already!

Have a nice Sunday!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Teal colors ~


No idea why they look so odd x/ wish I had the Magic tricks to keep the Pictures being clean...alas.
After a lot of digging around in my Inventory, I found a Dress that I have not worn before. It seems to happen sometimes, that I buy gowns but never wear them, but this one I actually like a lot. Another Outfit I have not worn (probably because at the time it had been new, everyone was wearing it) had a lot of accessories in the package, so I went and added a bit of it here and there.
The rest of the early morning where I was struggling to wake up, was spent with looking for a new Skin. I went to Essence, to try out Cho amongst others, but for some reason I was not happy with the outcome. Eyebrows are my big pet peeve, and most Skins (Glam Affairs amongst others as well) make huge, big, dark Brown brows in a high bow. Tried for hours to somehow downsize them with other brows I had such luck. Which means I'll probably stick around with this Al Vulo Skin a while longer (love it, though usually I use other lip make-ups). 
Face: freckles extreme darker - DeeTaleZ Skin Brilliance Skin AddOns
Brows: Glam Affair - Lilith Eyebrows Shape 04
Eyelashes: Al vulo - Mesh Lashes
Eyeliner: [LS] Black Eyeliner (Marketplace)
Eyeliner 2: Corvus - Under Eyeliner
Eyes: Ikon Eternal Eyes - Royal (M)
Hairbase: Liquence - Hairbase #2 Tintable
Hair: Liquence F4 in Dark Browns (my fav atm)
Ears: Ilithya Earrings L & R (accessories in the Ilithya Gown)
Tattoo lower arms: Nathair Tattoo (snake, mostly hidden by bracelet, tintable)
Shawl: +Lika Ruby+ Shawl A (blue) 01 gold
Dress: lassitude & ennui Patience dress - Teal
Belt: Ilithya Belt (in the Ilithya Dress package)
Necklace: Ilithya Collar (same)
Skin: Al vulo - Berry natural brown brow nugat (Dressing Fusion skin)
Bracelets: The Forge Boadicea's Bracelets (Upper arms, lower arms)
Hands: LaGyo Siroune ring Gold (Dressing Fusion - New!)
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands Elegant1
Headpiece on first pic: Roman Vestal Circlet (Trident) on the second pic

I know I am being repetitive with the Lika Shawl, but I just simply adore it XD. If I can somehow implement it in any Outfit, it makes me a very happy chick.

Monday, September 16, 2013

~Blue day~

The only two/three things I've not worn in other Outfits described in older Posts are:

Gown: Shey - Kattya Plunger Dress
Skirt/belt: Soedara - Nubian Divinity Silk (as a makeshift belt)
The hidden Hands are Slink's Gesture, I like those best so far.

The necklace is from Soedara as well, I described it in one of the Crownland Posts, yet I love how the blue matches the blue of the eyes, as well as the Lika Shawl. Totally adore that option to change the colors of the gems, too.
Shey's Plunger Dress is one I most surely wore a whole lot during the Dorne days. You can mix-match with it really good, even more so since it comes with a hud, allowing you to chose from 8 more Colors!
I admit, I'm not always going to jump at the new stuff out there, cause there's a whole bunch of great Bloggers already doing it (with much better Pictures too! XD). It's just fun to brush old clothes up with new accessories as well, perhaps that'll be my niche, for a while.
Other sidenote: I cleared almost my whole friendlist on Talismere, after almost 5 years of SL I thought it was time to do some major spring cleaning. Also, I'm generally too hyper after work, or too tired and easily to get grumpy, it'll do me some good to just wind down on my own a bit again. Real Life wasn't much of a help the last months either. But drop me an IM if you really want to stick around, tho be ever warned. I'm a handful x9.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Latest New Ventura Mix-Mash outfit

I played around a bit, the Seasons' got me a new skin, and a few clothes (but I wasn't happy with the mix-mash outcome on those, perhaps a project for later :D)

Eyeliner: Corvus: Under Eyeliner
Ankles: Soedara - Gadis Anklet L
Shoes: Maitreya Gold * YaXkin Champagne
Top: B by H - London Top Soft Pink
Skirt: [ SAKIDE ] Lea Outfit Skirt Black & White
Arms: pearls bracelet L & leather lace pearls bracelet R
Necklace: Three Crow's Feathers Necklace
Hands: MG Rings - Atlantis Moon Large Gold
Head: *YS & YS* Brown Hairbase
Lips: Al vulo! - natural teeth lip Berry Nugat
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes - Azure
Hair: Truth Hair Elisha - Light browns05Fade
Skin: al vulo - Berry - natural brown brow cleavage nugat
Pose: Model Poses - Martina 6

I'm usually no fan ofal vulo, but I love this skin. Were it not for the slight shadow near the nose (which disappears when I'm not too lazy to put on a good windlight xD) it would be perfect. I don't quite like the cleavage, but I'll just wear stuff where it will not be seen...but all in all, very nicely done. The lips look natural for once, which I really like.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Upper Town

I know, I know...lots of jewels. If I had found some knee-cap bracelets, I would have worn them too. Those Legs are too naked >_<

Some of the items can be bought in the Dressing Room Fusion, mainly the scarf necklace and the skirt. I bought a whole lot more, but after trying around, I thought this one was "semi-ok" to post. Getting there, getting there, it's after all much easier to pimp up a medieval chick than one to play in 2013.

The ring looks a bit out of place with the hand raised, but it looks great when the arms are low, in contrast with the skirt color. Just not too sure about the belt, dark leather would have worked better *rubs head*.

You can find me as RobinLovelorn in World, in case yo... ^_^.

Belt: [The Forge] Boadicea's Belt, Gold/Black
Hair: Alice Hair [LeLutka] Bournville
Hairbase: .Liquence. Hairbase/Tintable
Top: Maitreya Dakota Top * Bole Brushed - Chiffon S
Feet: Maitreya August Ankle Boots *Dark Grey/Red sole
Necklace: [ glow ] studio - Scarf Styled Necklace (Cream)
Skirt: Baiastice Ivanna mini skirt tobacco
Skin: Glam Affair - Lilith - India - Clean D
Bracelets: Fina Jewellery London: pearls bracelet & leather lace pearls bracelet
Eyes: Ikon Sunrise Eyes - Pale Arabian Blue
Nose: ~Soedara~ Cihuapilli Nose Piercing Gold
Rings: MG - Rings - Atlantis Moon - Large Gold

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Busy days, lazy evenings

Just got home from work, new workplace, lots of running around, lots of getting lost and the usual trainings for programs and whatelsenot. Super tired, super lazy. Still, I would have never found out that my shoes from Yasum had a cigarette attached to them. I only have the outfit for months...O_o

[LeLutka] Hairbase Pitch
[Hush] Juliette - Natural - Vanilla
[VG] Beater Tanktop in Pearl
Truth Hair Elisha Black & White
Yasum Drop Down worn with Boots & Top
Ikon Eternal Eyes - Leather

Just taking the chill-pill, it looks comfortable, and it might work in some urban sims still, of course you can mix-match with other tops, sleeveless'es and braclets, and of course a different skin. I just glanced at the mirror and took note that I am just as pale, so it fitted the mood :-).

Anyhow, looking forward to the We ♥ RP releases, though I doubt I shall shop a lot cause...lacking a good RP sim to play in. And trust. Lacking lots of that one. *le sigh*.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Crownlands shutting down.

Major disappointment. No idea what was going on, don't even want to know. Huge amounts of Lindens spent for stuff I can not use anymore, awesome. 

Well, that's it for RP sims for me, two major disappointments in 5 years of SL, plenty enough to take a long, long break and focus on other things. 

I shall still update on outfits, just cause it is fun I guess.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Lika Shawl

As much as I adore Mesh gowns, to wear them alone can quickly make the outfit seem plain. So there's a great need for accessories of all kind, to brush up. As much as I love jewels, they do not always "do the trick". 

So I was more than happy to find the +Lika Ruby+shawl-A(red)01 Gold on the Marketplace, which comes in three different variations, and which can be mix matched for example with the well known and adored.:SF:. Alysaara" Corset Dress - Silver Gown. 

I used to wear it with the Hera Tunic from Caverna Obscura, but truly, this shawl works with almost every dress in my inventory! Surely it will be an eye catcher with your dresses. 

Although I wear the Magika/Habit hair in this pic, I recommand tied up hair, or a bun, so that the shawl's mesh does not touch the hair (which can at times look odd...but then again *shrugs* :D)

Add the usual bracelets, necklaces, perhaps a belt in either gold or in a color similar to the shawl, and you're good to go. 


OH! Last but not least. I promised some RP bits right? Right. 

Ever dared to say the F word to a King? *coughs* Kudos to Mors for /almost/ getting us all killed. All in all we're getting great RP, with twists and surprises at each corner, as nothing is moderated nor powergamed. Yesterday we had a good filled sim with stories waiting at every corner :-) Check out Crownlands it might just become the most epic story ever...*dabs forehead and eats another hot pepper*

You can find the RP story as well as an amount of informations regarding the sim and open roles, here

Stag versus Sun - A clash of wills