Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Lika Shawl

As much as I adore Mesh gowns, to wear them alone can quickly make the outfit seem plain. So there's a great need for accessories of all kind, to brush up. As much as I love jewels, they do not always "do the trick". 

So I was more than happy to find the +Lika Ruby+shawl-A(red)01 Gold on the Marketplace, which comes in three different variations, and which can be mix matched for example with the well known and adored.:SF:. Alysaara" Corset Dress - Silver Gown. 

I used to wear it with the Hera Tunic from Caverna Obscura, but truly, this shawl works with almost every dress in my inventory! Surely it will be an eye catcher with your dresses. 

Although I wear the Magika/Habit hair in this pic, I recommand tied up hair, or a bun, so that the shawl's mesh does not touch the hair (which can at times look odd...but then again *shrugs* :D)

Add the usual bracelets, necklaces, perhaps a belt in either gold or in a color similar to the shawl, and you're good to go. 


OH! Last but not least. I promised some RP bits right? Right. 

Ever dared to say the F word to a King? *coughs* Kudos to Mors for /almost/ getting us all killed. All in all we're getting great RP, with twists and surprises at each corner, as nothing is moderated nor powergamed. Yesterday we had a good filled sim with stories waiting at every corner :-) Check out Crownlands it might just become the most epic story ever...*dabs forehead and eats another hot pepper*

You can find the RP story as well as an amount of informations regarding the sim and open roles, here

Stag versus Sun - A clash of wills

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