Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fancy up for that King's Court

MG - Rings - Atlantis Moon - Large Gold
:V.e. Enveloped Dress XS Blush
~Soedara~ Gold Earendil Necklace Lights 1
Glam Affair - Cleavage India

The rest are all the same accessories than in my previous post. I still need to shop so much for this character, as I do not play my main (I wish I had joined with Talismere instead gah!).

Kudos to Dorji ♥ for pointing me to the dress and necklace (I've seen the dress before but went "Eh.." on it, don't know why, it looks fabulous x_x).

Now let's see if the dress will impress...*shimmies upstairs*

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