Friday, August 30, 2013

What is Rasha wearing today oO

.:SF:. Josephine Dress Bronzed
{KD} Faux Elf Ear - Bronze
~Soedara~ Gadis Slave bracelets
~Soedara~ Gadis Bracelet
.:GSpot:. A Sirens Call shoulder Gold
. Liquence . Hairbase#2 Tintable
. Liquence . F4 in Dark Browns
Dalila Necklace Bronze
~Soedara~ Gadis Upperarm Bracelets
~Soedara~ Gadis Circlet
Glam Affair Lilith India Clean D
Hush - Lashes - Tease
Ikon Eternal Eyes - Leather

I especially like the mix of bronze, gold and brown tones. Rasha prefers to wear earth colors, from brown/bronze to Gold/deep red and lots of jewels. Someday, I am quite sure of it, she'll be robbed like no kidding >_<.

As most items can be found on the Marketplace, I will not link them (too lazy!).

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