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A new chapter, a new adventure. The Crownlands opened its doors, and so far the Roleplay is of exquisit quality in a tension filled King's Landing. Below a few pictures to a spectacular build.

Rasha Martell 

The Dornish's home (with the great possibility of privacy in the house!)

The Harbor & the Kraken's ship

Inn and Stables

Jousting Ground and a small view on the spectacular Lannister manse

Highgarden and other Houses, and a bit of the Sept

The Brothel and its lovely keeper
Castles everywhere!
 The lore

It is the year 335 AL. A second, longer winter, which engulfed Westeros for 35 years, is finally over. During this time, darkness not only came from the long nights and cold brief days that certainly affected the sanity of the Westerosi, but from the bloodbath every region experienced in what was called the “Obscure period”. 

It all started with a weak, unwise and politically unable King Jon II Arryn who soon became the perfect excuse for all great houses to plan to overthrow him. The lords paramount fought each other in a long, painful and confusing massive war which brought a most unfortunate outcome: their armies greatly diminished, few living family members and the eventual retreat to their seats. Turmoil and instability reigned for decades, bringing to every living person a great apocalyptic feeling, which was impossible to ignore. The end seemed eminent as greed, pride and reckless ambition took over every lord. Only chaos had managed to effectively rule.

It was during this “Obscure Period” when the North declared its independence once again, the leaders of Stark and Bolton allied for a change, fighting any possible enemy that dared challenge their newly re-born kingdom. 

When the Prince of Dorne and the Lord Reaper of Pyke led their men to King’s Landing to assassinate King Jon, the first failing and the second succeeding, yet not able to take the throne after the killing. They had found a triumvirate integrated by men of Targaryen, Lannister and Baratheon who forced them to leave the city as they designed a better plan for the realm. After weeks of deliberation and negotiations, the Lord of Storm’s End, Edgar Baratheon, emerged the ruler, while Lord Lannister was appointed Hand of the King and Lord Targaryen given Dragonstone back and named Lord Justiciar. Together, while not overly powerful, they had more men than the sum of armies of all the other houses. It was though a matter of time for the other regions to regain military force.

House Tyrell, who had allied to House Arryn, had of course a bitter taste in their mouths as they fought hard to keep the status quo and support Jon II Arryn on his more than mediocre reign. 

Now, Edgar Baratheon, King of the Andals and the First men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm readies to govern, counting with small armies, starvation in several regions and former enemies who might not be willing to cooperate with the new order of things. He has sent message to every lord, summoning him to The Crownlands, in order to rebuild the realm and form his new small council. 

The best of it all though is the Administration. Laid back and seasoned Roleplayers, allowing us to build great atmospheric Roleplay in a truly gorgeous sim. 

If interested, feel free to take a look at Crownlands Forum :-). The community is ever growing, we have a fun OOC section with Gifs and fun, plenty of informations about the lore and Westeros as a whole, and a lot of nice folks who will just sit down and help you through the app if need be. 

I emptied the blog, as I will gradually turn this one in a roleplay-fashion blog with the usual updates on interesting sims, fun Roleplay logs or just picking up on topics as we go :-)

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