Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Library - Asia Crimson

As I have issues with uploading Pictures currently, I shall revert to this in meantime, without cropping etc!

But about the Dress, I was browsing Marketplace and did remember The Library (buy here - Marketplace link), mostly cause I adored the Circe Outfit Augurer made. And this one is fab as well, nicely fitted (though I need to adjust my boobs for not having the Alpha slit shine through the cleavage, but that's no biggie!), and the Details of the textures are stunning. I am a sucker for Crimson/Gold Outfits and very happy with this one.

I did hear that she is going to be present at the Fantasy Gacha Event, so make sure to check it out, the Dresses do look stunning on the Pictures already!

Have a nice Sunday!

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