Monday, September 16, 2013

~Blue day~

The only two/three things I've not worn in other Outfits described in older Posts are:

Gown: Shey - Kattya Plunger Dress
Skirt/belt: Soedara - Nubian Divinity Silk (as a makeshift belt)
The hidden Hands are Slink's Gesture, I like those best so far.

The necklace is from Soedara as well, I described it in one of the Crownland Posts, yet I love how the blue matches the blue of the eyes, as well as the Lika Shawl. Totally adore that option to change the colors of the gems, too.
Shey's Plunger Dress is one I most surely wore a whole lot during the Dorne days. You can mix-match with it really good, even more so since it comes with a hud, allowing you to chose from 8 more Colors!
I admit, I'm not always going to jump at the new stuff out there, cause there's a whole bunch of great Bloggers already doing it (with much better Pictures too! XD). It's just fun to brush old clothes up with new accessories as well, perhaps that'll be my niche, for a while.
Other sidenote: I cleared almost my whole friendlist on Talismere, after almost 5 years of SL I thought it was time to do some major spring cleaning. Also, I'm generally too hyper after work, or too tired and easily to get grumpy, it'll do me some good to just wind down on my own a bit again. Real Life wasn't much of a help the last months either. But drop me an IM if you really want to stick around, tho be ever warned. I'm a handful x9.

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