Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Busy days, lazy evenings

Just got home from work, new workplace, lots of running around, lots of getting lost and the usual trainings for programs and whatelsenot. Super tired, super lazy. Still, I would have never found out that my shoes from Yasum had a cigarette attached to them. I only have the outfit for months...O_o

[LeLutka] Hairbase Pitch
[Hush] Juliette - Natural - Vanilla
[VG] Beater Tanktop in Pearl
Truth Hair Elisha Black & White
Yasum Drop Down worn with Boots & Top
Ikon Eternal Eyes - Leather

Just taking the chill-pill, it looks comfortable, and it might work in some urban sims still, of course you can mix-match with other tops, sleeveless'es and braclets, and of course a different skin. I just glanced at the mirror and took note that I am just as pale, so it fitted the mood :-).

Anyhow, looking forward to the We ♥ RP releases, though I doubt I shall shop a lot cause...lacking a good RP sim to play in. And trust. Lacking lots of that one. *le sigh*.

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