Sunday, November 03, 2013

Defeating a Troll (no...actually a Troll)!

Harrowdale had a really splendid diced Event taking place tonight.
After a week of suspense and guessing over piles of bones, a raging troll approached the Woods (NPCed by one amazing OST - Dice and Posting Order by Acilius - smooth!).
Awesome Organisation done by all those working on this one, we had a blast, and this kind of Quality RP is what keeps one coming back. Harrowdale has lately found a constant number of excellent Players, increased its traffic and became a melting pot for both hilariously creative evil chars, good chars and I don't give a fuck chars. Forgotten Realm RP at its finest. Do ensure to wiggle in, you know you wanna! (and look at how stylish we all are *dies*).

Mari's leg, Tamori, Zachia, Talis - getting reddy

Mari winced when she saw the trolls lumbering form approaching the bridge, would it even hold?! "Go, Bear!" She yelled

"I will throweth this rock unto thee, and by the powers bestowed upon me by the one true god, you will perish! Prepare yourself, servant of chaos, for you shall be stricken with the rock... of... ETERNAL DESPAIR AND SUFFERING!"

 The Hermit has just enough time to see the axe coming to shout out a word of command. As the elvish flows off his tongue, the glittering powder he'd thrown upon himself just prior glows and almost seems to fade into his Skin.


NPC OST: Such fiesty snacks they all are!

[16:14] Combat Trackerer/GM Acilius: Amarachus misses, embarrassing himself

Mari - before almost dying >_>

A whole gang behind the Troll.

[16:21] Combat Trackerer: Talismere lands a heavy blow, -10. Troll at 1. Weakest char in town - saves the day.


Trollolol has big Wood.

Yet, as he watched the beast rip the lamp post from the earth, his eyes went wide. (Tamori)

 Sask'iah Rhaevaern thankfully had kept a sizable distance, close enough to get shots in and thankfully far enough to not be struck by the post that was being swung.

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