Friday, December 13, 2013

Rambling is what Talis does, and she does it whole lots! Pre-2014!

Am all excited. Got invited by good buddies to get really badly drunk, sing Karaoke songs like ain't no tomorrow coming, eat yummy stuff and topple over some hours later on a Couch. Sounds like a really good plan to me XD. I kind of needed plans, and slowly but surely stuff starts to get easier.
Somehow I sense that 2014 might become a wonderful year. I worked so hard these last months, and didn't really took care of myself through it. Not even a bit, but I'm going to try and fix it all, step by step. And I truly can't wait to be in Japan again, to meet with a good friend there and have a beer over delicious food, and to just get lost in Tokyo and surrounding. Soaking up the good stuff like a sponge.
Mostly for one-two hours on weekdays I'm still having fun in Neverwinter, then I get exhausted from work and sneak to bed with a book, which also was a great idea, cause it gets me to a better sleeping schedule than being on SL and oh I missed to read longer than those twenty minutes on the bus or during that half hour on lunch breaks. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a pretty (hot) dress, all the Christmas presents for Family and friends, and will finally get to empty my cave (not my Office, my actual mini-cave with stuff no one needs anymore, especially not me xD).
Talking about SL, just found this Picture and as I am not using my tower anymore, I was happy to have found it nevertheless and wanted to upload it, as I still do think that this is one of the prettiest selfies I've ever taken of my Avatar, and it so underlines everything and all I feel or felt at that time. It's ridiculously perfect. At least for me.
Anyways, for you out there, I hope this year had been fabulous and easy, and that the next year will be just as fabulous and easy to you. There'll always be bad news that might topple you over (i like the word topple as of late), or days that strain the shit out of you, no kidding. But seriously, life's not all about work, it does good to take a step back and look around, see who's there, or what's there. 
I do believe that no story should ever be better than the story of  your life on its own. Though there might be no happy ending, but it's always true that one needs to fend for oneself and strive for those small, good moments, cause those are what make simple things as facing a new day, just that little bit easier.
So that'll be my wish for those reading: Assemble a lot of happy moments, big or small ones, in 2014. Capture them, let those warm you up and don't waste too much time online. It is wasting time, I've done it way too much for a certain reason that I do think I have overcome finally (we'll see in 2014 hurrhurr) 
Socializing in Real life has always been fun, and I can't believe that I hid away so long over being hurt. It seems like the feeling of being hurt, is an arch enemy but that's no good, I should be stronger than that by now. After all, I'm a fabulous, hard working, smartass woman. I know what's out there, and it might not always be cherries and rainbows but I do think, as flawed as I am, that I too deserve a little something. Such as, perhaps, someday putting the past aside and to perhaps, someday, fall in love again. I'd like that to become true in the next year, I haven't lost my spark just yet. It just needs to be dusted off, and a bit of trust. I'll try that thing again. Last time I did it, went horribly wrong and it took me five years to get over it. This time, perhaps, I'm better braced.
Geh, I rambled on and on again, but sometimes, and that too is a purpose of a blog, writing it all out just makes it that little bit easier to stick to the plan. Or to realize what it is what you want, or feel. It is good, to feel. There are times when there is no feeling at all, and that's bad. It's been that rough of a year, 2013. Certainly one I hope to forget about quickly. Can't wait for the new year to start, although it's a ridiculous concept but, a big part of me believes, insists and aims for 2014 just becoming so awesome that it'll totally make up for the madness which had been 2013. It needs to, and I'll do it so. With all I've got, if not now, then never, that's how it is. So all the best for you guys, and I'm out of here til 2014 :-).

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