Sunday, December 01, 2013

Chinese food... evil. No kidding. Again, here I thought around 7pm "Wait...did you had breakfast? Nope. Did you had Lunch? Nope...Let's go to the Chinese Restaurant yay!" which I did.

As usual, that mean, mean menu card spoke of yummy fried things, dumplings and the likes. Now I am full...of regrets.

Every fucking time I tell myself "Don't go there...the food is evil. You'll regret it." and everytime my brain goes "Naah, come on, you had no nothing today, the fuck can go wrong, go, eat, it's yummy and you want it!" Yeah.


I'll be on the Couch hugging myself for the next two hours or so.


Chinese Moods said...

Beautiful Picture, it looks no nice thanks for sharing.

Wang Weo

Talismere said...

Thanks for commenting :-) I truly love chinese Food but it makes my stomach ache, but I still love it. Hope my post had not offended you. All the best.

Mark Brown said...

I love Chinese food really its very delicious you will love it thanks for inventing like that food.

Chinese restaurants in Indore said...

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