Thursday, February 06, 2014

Guess who's back?

After a blissful break where I literally played TSW, NWN Online, ESO (Beta Key is mine harhar) and did various small side-trips in RL, I received news about a Sim that was under construction. A Game of Thrones sim. Oh trust me, it was not a decision that came easily. I asked a lot of question, and spent a lot of time taking long walks while thinking if I even want to do that again.

But then again, people really encouraged me, and finally I did the leap of faith again.

It was a decision that I made, in the middle of chasing appartments (I finally found something, and will move on the 28th this month, closely followed by Japan trip nr 2 end March!), a busy job schedule and a good few gentle nudges from the very, very few I had kept in contact with. But still, a decision that finally got easier, the more I thought about it. And the more people kept reassuring me.

I love it. Finally I feel like I get to play the role that I had always wanted to play, a Martell sibling. Last time I had that feeling was in Crownsland, which went wrong and didn't survive but eh, that was not my fault nor my char's, but weird Owner-stuff happened. With BWB, and a good 30 ppl on sim at any day of my timezone online times, a lot of exciting storylines, an open Keep for all to weasel around, a family that is both weird and adorably awesome, and gradually making new friends to whom I am just allowed to be myself, and a lovely someone who will nudge me in time if work and crazy RL makes me antsy in the Game...I feel happy. Finally again.

It feels like a circle finally completed. In a good way. Life, after a lot of personal struggles, seems to show itself on its happy and fun sides again, after what felt like an eternity of gloom and being too busy to enjoy the simple things. It is as if someone had seen me struggling hard, and had gently lifted me up toward the sunshine. I hope it will last. Thanks to all those that had made it possible. For those that still love having me around, for those that came to fetch me when I was about to throw it all, for good talks, good times, good friends, good chimes, and the best of all storylines.

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